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Formerly known as California Oncology of the Central Valley Request an Appointment
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Formerly known as California Oncology of the Central Valley Request an Appointment

Our Facilities

The demands of a cancer diagnosis are significant, but the WCC team is dedicated to supporting our patients in every aspect of their care. This often extends beyond traditional medical treatments, but we have seen the smallest efforts make a big difference for our patients, so we always strive to do more. From the subtlest details and personal touches to our sophisticated office and advanced Fresno cancer facilities, every element provides our patients with the quality of care they deserve.

Our clinic is designed to feel warm and welcoming, less like a doctor’s office and more like an extension of your own living room—if your house happened to be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and the latest in treatment technology. At Women’s Cancer Care, we offer a variety of clinical services in-house. With multiple services in one convenient location, patients and their families spend less time, money, and energy traveling to and from appointments.


Our on-site laboratory provides complete blood counts (CBCs), urinalysis, and chemistry panels ordered by our physicians. Patients typically begin appointments by visiting the lab, and those results are immediately sent to their provider so that they can be discussed during the appointment. If additional tests are required, we are able to coordinate with other facilities in the area to help manage our patients’ needs.

Mixing Room

Our mixing room, located in our office, is utilized by our clinical pharmacist to fulfill prescriptions from our providers. This on-site service is essential to our overall treatment approach and philosophy of care.

Matthew Zoolakis, PharmD, is an integral part of every patient’s medical team to ensure that prescribed medications contribute to the best possible outcomes. To us, that means treating the illness while also accounting for our patients’ symptoms, side effects, and lifestyles. We individually optimize the selection, dosage, administration, and monitoring of each medication, which yields better results and happier patients.

Infusion Room

Chemotherapy treatments are administered by our highly skilled nursing staff in our infusion room—a calm, friendly environment that fosters the healing of body, mind, and spirit. WCC has an open area with comfortable seating options as well as separate rooms for patients who prefer their privacy.

This area is the heart of our office. Many of our patients are on similar journeys, and they see the same people when they come to our office for regularly scheduled appointments or treatments. Staff and patients get to know each other, share personal stories, and find community. The strong bonds and connections made here are rooted in shared understanding and perspective—a remedy that can’t be manufactured or prescribed but helps our patients at our Fresno cancer facilities all the same.